Where does Turkey stand in the world of logistics?
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With globalization, customer diversity has increased and, as a result, customer expectations have changed. Global logistics, which efficiently use all types of transportation, created the most important solution steps of this process. According to the 2018 Logistics Performance Index data of the World Bank, Turkey ranks 47th out of 160 countries. In addition, according to the UTIKAD report, it is stated that Turkey's share in GDP is 12%.

It can be said that Turkey has an important role in the logistics sector with its geopolitical position, experience, and accumulated knowledge. Our company continues to lead the logistics sector in Turkey with its steps in the logistics sector.

Successful Companies in the Logistics Sector

Today, global competition has reached very high levels. The key point here is that in almost all sectors, adopting a low-cost and high-quality service approach directly affects customer satisfaction. In today's conditions, companies that produce the fastest, strongest, best solutions, and provide the best service at the most affordable prices can survive.

It can be said that the common feature of all strong companies in the global logistics sector is an innovative perspective. Many successful logistics companies in Turkey are competing to offer low-cost and high-quality services while focusing on competitive superiority. This vision of successful companies has a very important place in terms of competition.

Considering the level of sectoral development in the world, cheap labor produced high-quality products are inadequate in differentiating companies from each other. Companies that are superior in competition succeed in being one step ahead with product delivery time and quality service understanding. Alper Logistics company has a specialized team and equipment that meets the needs of products.

What awaits Turkey in the Logistics Sector in the Future?

● With an export-oriented economic system, it is expected that Turkey will become the new logistics hub that connects Asia and Europe.

● Looking at the developments in the logistics sector in Turkey, it can be said that the problems in the global logistics sector have turned into an opportunity.

● Turkey's potential to be a pioneer in the logistics sector may become more apparent in the near future.

● Turkey's geopolitical position is of great importance for many countries, especially the EU countries and the US.

● Turkey's strategic position and its ability to adapt to the conditions are important characteristics for its presence in the logistics sector.

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