Our Fleet

Alper Logistics has a strong fleet network that will travel all over Europe to ensure that your logistics operations are carried smoothly. Alper Logistics works to provide perfect service to you, our valued customers, in road transport with its fleet power of 50 vehicles. A strong and environmentally friendly fleet network aims to provide you with successful and perfect service by meeting the needs of our customers.

Our company provides service on 2 main lines with its fleet network that is growing day by day. The fleet network serving Europe and CIS countries crosses borders day by day and provides a wide range of services to our valued customers. Alper Logistics, which acts with the slogan of a strong fleet every year, owns 50 self-owned vehicles. Powerful fleet vehicles belong to Alper Logistics. In no way does it serve our valued customers by renting the vehicles of another fleet. We continue to meet your needs with our own vehicles. The powerful tools of our logistics company not only serve you, our valued customers, but also serve the environment. Our vehicles, which are in a strong fleet network, are within European standards. Low-emission vehicles show an environmentally friendly performance. Our company tries to keep the damage to the blue planet to a minimum. We serve you with our strong, green-loving and environment-friendly fleet with the environmentalist attitude we adopt.

With Our Young Vehicle Fleet, We Keep Your Trusts Safe

As the leading logistics company of land transportation, it serves our customers with a young fleet. The fact that the average age of the vehicles we own is young paves the way for providing you with a better and reliable service. It is also an indication that we provide transportation services at European standards. Our young vehicles ensure that you, our valued customers, reach their loads safely. In addition, it provides passenger and driver safety and increases efficiency.

Our fleet, which is growing day by day, provides our customers with efficiency indexed services in the field of transportation with its powerful, reliable, environmentally friendly and young vehicles. It provides transportation services to European countries at high standards. You can contact our customer relations team to meet with the assurance of Alper Logistics and to get information about our services.