Alper Lojistik's Human Resources Policy focuses on improving all processes. Employees work efficiently and harmoniously within the framework of company goals. It ensures the employment of the right people regardless of religion, language, race, gender and disability. It creates a happy environment that is in line with HR policy, laws and regulations, focused on development, with high self-confidence and motivation. It aims at a respectful, healthy and safe growth. Aiming to increase employee satisfaction, Alper Logistics increases corporate loyalty and productivity. It creates an environment that will enable employees, who are seen as the most valuable resource of the company, to develop themselves. Open to change and development, Alper Logistics carries out many learning-oriented activities. It creates a corporate harmony and managerial competence by bringing the employees together with the tasks that are most suitable for them and where the highest efficiency can be obtained. HR policy constantly analyzes the needs of all units with a strategic business partner approach and takes the right steps. It cares about creating value by quickly adapting to changing sectoral conditions. Acting in line with its HR policy objectives, it maintains integrity as a preferred institution in the sector and proceeds with rapid steps.

Employee Benefits

HR policy is based on increasing employee satisfaction and increasing their loyalty to the institution. Aiming to increase their productivity with internal and external activities, Alper Logistics ensures the direct and indirect participation of employees in decision-making. It maximizes the motivation of the company personnel by applying a fair and competitive wage policy in the sector. It respects the personality of its employees by creating an open and transparent structure for communication. It creates and manages its own pool with the right talent assessment. It has the faces of the future sought in the sector within its own body. It shows that it is a value-oriented institution by rewarding performance. It carries out a policy that adopts development by supporting the business and private life of its employees with trainings. It adapts to world conditions and new business systems. Supporting the initiative, the company encourages project work and encourages employees for new ideas. Being aware of the fact that qualified manpower creates the future of the company, Alper Logistics creates participatory activities with its HR policy. It strengthens the brand image inside and outside the institution in line with its functional competencies.