Frozen Food

Keeping frozen food products at the required cold or hot temperature levels and, in special cases, storing products at a constant temperature is essential. If these conditions are not met, it is impossible to preserve the freshness of the products. Alper Logistics ensures that its customers' products are transported to the specified location at the necessary temperature, which results in customer satisfaction. At the same time, the company delivers frozen food products in a fresh manner.

In our country, there is a need for cold transportation companies to meet the supply and demand situation of products grown in our geography. It is possible for products grown or produced in our country to take their place in the global market with cold transportation companies. Alper Logistics provides the necessary cold transportation systems for products grown or produced in our country to take their place in the global market, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, with the necessary equipment, knowledge, and technology, the service provided ensures that the local producer's products are present in the market.

The frozen food sector is located in the most sensitive part of the consumption chain. It is vital for logistics companies that these products reach consumers in the freshest and healthiest way possible. Alper Logistics works as an innovative company in reefer transportation to ensure that products reach customers fresh and healthy. Our company ensures that frozen fruits, vegetables, ready-to-eat foods, meals, ice cream, seafood, butter, milk, and other products are transported at the required temperature while maintaining their freshness.

Frozen Foods are Safely Transported with Alper Logistics Guarantee

The transportation and storage of food products from the production stage to the consumer's table is essential. During transportation and storage, the products must be kept at the correct temperature. Adjusting the required settings requires knowledge and experience. As an innovative company in reefer transportation, our company ensures that our customers' products reach consumers fresh and healthy.

Our logistics company accepts frozen food safety as one of the most important criteria. By adjusting the appropriate temperature or the necessary constant temperature for the product, we transport fresh and healthy products to tables. You can contact our customer relations team to meet the Alper Logistics guarantee and obtain information about our services.