International Transportation

All kinds of transportation between two countries by means of transportation is called international transportation. Alper Logistics, which transports goods or products by keeping them at the maximum level, adopts a customer-oriented approach. The transportation process, in which land, sea, air and railway are preferred, is carried out without any problems. Acting with strong business partners, Alper Logistics offers its customers a safe process.

International Transport Types

Types of international transportation are carried out by land, sea, air and rail. Different contracts and documents are prepared according to the mode of transport preferred by the customers. Alper Logistics is maintained with strong collaborations. The number and weight of the goods to be transported, information about the vehicle, loading and unloading places must be specified in the contract. Frequent road transport is a key logistics method. This way, where the competition is the most, is a door-to-door non-stop transportation. Road transport, which allows the goods to wear less, is a safe method. Sea transport, which is a low-cost logistics method, is divided into 2 categories: tramp and liner. Timber, mine and coal tramp; container and ro-ro are included in liner transportation.

Airline logistics, which is an international transportation method where more than one product can be transported easily, is a fast method. Products such as projects, cargo, dangerous goods, funerals, valuable goods, worthless documents, transit loading system are easily transported by air. Rail transport between countries located at close distances is an ideal way for tonnage and bulk cargoes. This method, which is approved by the states, also alleviates the road load. In this type of transport, the speed capacity of the vehicles and the given transport speed show parallelism. Environmentally friendly rail transport is also very convenient for mass logistics.

In this method, which is included in international transportation, there is a transit advantage between countries. Railway logistics with fixed voyage times is preferred with a fixed price guarantee. Alper Logistics provides fast returns to its customers with international transportation types. You can contact the customer relations team to get acquainted with the assurance of Alper Logistics and have information about the services it offers.

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