ADR Transportation

ADR transportation is the process of transporting hazardous materials, such as gasoline and cyanide, between countries or cities while ensuring the safety of the environment and people. It requires a high level of responsibility. In this transportation model, which is generally preferred by road, geographic location, infrastructure investments, and production diversity play an important role. Alper Logistics' business partners in sectors such as chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals, and mining play a key role in the company's development.

Rules of ADR Transportation

ADR transportation is carried out with the logistics of all kinds of flammable, explosive, toxic, infectious, radioactive, and corrosive substances. Transportation methods such as railways, sea transport, air transport, and inland waterways are also used together with road transport. Services are guaranteed under different international agreements. The regulation that includes the transportation of hazardous materials includes the responsibilities and working conditions of the sender, recipient, loading, filling, unloading, packaging, vehicles used, contractor companies, drivers, and operators. Alper Logistics ensures the safe and problem-free transportation of hazardous materials. The expert team takes into account the nature of the cargo and determines the most suitable delivery route, foreseeing the necessary legal, technical, and health conditions. The logistics process starts by acquiring a vehicle with the appropriate documents for the structure of the substance. Warning signs on the vehicles prioritize environmental safety.

The packaging, loading, sending, transportation, receiving, and unloading stages are evaluated in ADR transportation. ADR hazard classes are categorized based on the substances they contain, and a suitable agreement is made for this transportation model, taking into account human health and safety, as well as environmental cleanliness. This logistics process, carried out by a professional team, takes preventive measures against possible accidents. Hazardous materials transported under special conditions are also preserved through the equipment used. Hazardous material logistics rules are applied regardless of the distance, whether short or long. Alper Logistics works with extreme precision on all issues from selecting the appropriate documented vehicle for the product to packaging and delivering the products. Alper Logistics stands out with its flexible logistics solutions in the field of ADR transportation. You can contact the customer relations team to meet with the Alper Logistics guarantee and get information about the services.

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