Pharmaceutical Logistics

As with all sectors, changes in the logistics sector are happening very rapidly. When it comes to the safe delivery of drugs to the customer, expectations are even higher. Indeed, timely supply of drugs is vital, especially for those with chronic diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and diabetes. Therefore, logistics involves critical processes. Companies that offer innovative solutions with experienced employees stand out in the sector. A principled, transparent, and disciplined approach is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the global importance of pharmaceutical logistics. All countries are showing maximum care in pharmaceutical logistics. At the same time, they are trying to use road, air, rail, sea, and intermodal transportation options most efficiently.

What is Pharmaceutical Logistics?

Pharmaceutical logistics includes all processes from production to delivery to the consumer. This process includes the storage of the product, planning for efficient transportation, safe transfer, and delivery.

In the logistics of pharmacy products, the risk of making mistakes and delays is unacceptable. Therefore, flawless planning is necessary. Receipt, storage, preparation for shipment, and shipment of drugs must be provided with maximum security. Security covers different areas such as the tearing of packaging, breaking of drug bottles, and dampening of tablets. It is possible to list the products to be logistics under the "Pharmaceutical" title as follows:

· Prescription drugs

· Over-the-counter drugs (OTC)

· Cosmetics

· Nutrition support products approved by the Ministry of Health

· Drugs used in animal health

· Drugs that require cold chain

Customer loyalty is important for companies operating in the sector. Loyalty is only provided by keeping satisfaction rates high.

What should be considered in Pharmaceutical Logistics?

Controlled temperature drug logistics is always needed. The most important criterion in this area is high-level hygiene. Indeed, stainless steel is preferred in the equipment used in every stage of logistics. The transportation of drugs in different forms such as solid, liquid, and inhaler requires meticulous teamwork and professionalism. We can list the criteria that drug transportation companies must meet as follows:

· All processes should be carried out in accordance with international law and standards and GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

· Energy-efficient loading ramps are important to prevent pest entry.

· Security is ensured by temperature control in line with the characteristics of the transported drugs.

· Prevention and control of humidity is necessary.

· Traceability is provided at every stage.

· Customer-specific requests and load characteristics are taken into account. (Explosion-proof equipment, etc.)

If you are producing drugs, it is your natural right to request the shipment of your products in a traceable and secure manner. At this point, I would like to recommend Alper Logistics to you. I would also like to add that you can get detailed information by calling their customer service.

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