Cut Flower Transportation

Cut flowers of various types grown in different regions of our country can be sent to distant places after being harvested. Cut flower transportation is a type of transportation that requires great care. The average life span of cut flowers is about 2 weeks. After being harvested, the transfer of cut flowers to an environment with a certain temperature and humidity is necessary to prevent them from wilting. Our company provides a quality and reliable service in delivering cut flowers to the desired address.

Importance of Cut Flower Transportation

In the process of cut flower transportation, it is necessary to have knowledge about the weight, distance, as well as the flowers themselves. Attention should also be paid to the size of the cut flowers and the delicacy of their branches. The order of loading, the placement of the flowers, and the maximum amount of plants the vehicle can carry should also be followed to prevent damage to the flowers. The personnel in charge of cut flower transportation should receive necessary training. With the help of the training provided to the employees, logistics of cut flower products can be easily provided without any problems.

The distance and weather conditions for the transfer of cut flowers affect the qualities of the vehicle that will be used for transportation. Cut flowers can be transported in open or tented vehicles in suitable weather conditions and for short distances. However, refrigerated vans are more suitable for transportation in challenging weather conditions and for long distances.

Things to Consider in Cut Flower Transportation

Cut flowers can easily be transported anywhere in the world with the help of appropriate transportation equipment provided by evolving technology. To ensure that the structural characteristics of the cut flowers to be transported from one point to another via special vehicles are not lost, attention should be paid to the following points:

● The first condition in the cut flower cargo process is to provide transfers with vehicles designed according to suitable temperature and humidity criteria. Our vehicles, designed according to the criteria of the products, maintain the freshness of the product until it reaches the end consumer by complying with the required temperature and humidity levels.

● In the transportation of products with long delivery addresses, the climate control systems have vital importance. The vehicles with continuously monitored temperature control help to effectively realize cut flower transportation solutions. Our temperature-controlled vehicles ensure that the cut flowers arrive at their destination fresh.

● The transportation of cut flowers in our vehicles is carried out in compliance with hygiene regulations.

● The cut flower transfer carried out with our expert team is placed and transported in a manner that is suitable for the characteristics of the products.

For more detailed information about cut flower transportation, you can contact the customer service team of Alper Logistics, which provides service with its private fleet.

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