Logistics of Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of the food chain. We need to consume them abundantly to keep our immune system strong. These products, which also support digestive health, contain high levels of fiber.

In ancient times, people's dietary habits were limited to the geography where they lived. Today, the boundaries have been crossed. It is possible to reach a tropical fruit grown in Africa. On the other hand, delicious products grown in our country can be transported to tables all over the world. Of course, all of these are accomplished with quality logistics services.

Why is Logistics of Fruits and Vegetables Important?

Logistics solutions come into play when it comes to reaching fresh vegetables and fruits. It is possible to have the products come to our table as fresh as they are picked. To summarize how this is done briefly:

· The products are picked and carefully packaged.

· They are stored in areas such as cold storage facilities at the right temperature.

· They are transported to customers or marketing areas in temperature-controlled vehicles as soon as possible.

This process requires serious effort and disciplined work. Logistics responsibility increases in import and export. The goal is to deliver food to the consumer while preserving its nutritional value and freshness. Shipment is provided with a 24/7 principle in perishable cargo status.

If effective transportation services are not provided, the products will lose their freshness, rot, or spoil. This situation can lead to food poisoning as well as financial losses.

What are the Important Points in Logistics of Fruits and Vegetables?

Competition in the logistics field is increasing in the trade of fresh fruits and vegetables. New techniques are being developed for healthy delivery. Customers expect the product's freshness, taste, aroma, and texture to be preserved. For this, an efficient service that meets the following criteria is necessary.

· The unique temperature limits of the products must be maintained.

· Correct packaging techniques and durable and quality packaging materials should be used.

· Shipment employees should be trained.

· Loading rules must be followed.

· Temperature control must be maintained from the departure point to the arrival and delivery points.

· Good condition, reliable equipment must be used.

· Daily equipment checks should be carried out and recorded.

· Chemical and physical contamination should be prevented, maximum hygiene should be ensured.

High technology should be used in the logistics of delicate products such as strawberries and figs.

Transportation vehicles should be able to be tracked online with a GPS system.

· Clean air intake and ventilation should be provided during transportation.

· Moisture removal technologies should be used for products such as onions and garlic.

· Customer information should be transparent.

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