Alper logistics allocates a special place to the field of sustainability, which has recently been accepted as a very important issue in the world. As a company, we owe it to ourselves not to compromise on the needs of future generations while meeting the needs of individuals or individuals. Instead of ruthlessly depleting the resources that are sufficient for all of us, we find it against company policies to consume the rights of future generations after us. The concept of sustainability, which has positive features in many areas such as economic, social and environmental, is defined as a principle by Alper Logistics.

Our logistics company attaches importance to sustainability. This title occupies an important place in the company's principles. Alper logistics improves its services in order to successfully implement the principle it has determined in the field of sustainability. It carries out studies to increase the awareness of the employees on this issue. At the same time, it works to establish cooperation with its stakeholders by including them in this issue. Our company serves with the aim of leaving a better world to future generations. Our company carries out its activities with the aim of creating added values in many areas with the concept of sustainability. It gives special value to the sub-headings of economic sustainability and environmental sustainability of this concept. Our company acts with the awareness that the concept of economic sustainability is of great importance for stakeholders, customers, employees, countries, etc.

Economic Sustainability

It applies an open and transparent management model in order to take a long journey with our employees and customers with economic sustainability. Our company implements development studies to increase efficiency in the service it provides. This plays an important role in terms of economic sustainability. Our company uses operational efficiency, which is one of the most important concepts for economic sustainability. In this way, it is ensured that the cost reduction is realized by taking advantage of the developing technology. In the field of environmental sustainability, our company works for energy efficiency and low carbon emissions. It pays particular attention to the fact that the vehicles it owns in its fleet network are environmentally friendly and have low carbon emissions. This shows that our company acts in accordance with European standards in the field of environmental sustainability. The equipment used in our company, the selected lighting sources, the transportation options offered to the customers, the selection of low carbon emission vehicles are among the methods applied by our company in the field of environmental sustainability.

One of the most important principles of our logistics company is the concept of sustainability, which has positive effects on the whole world, especially our company, economically and environmentally, without consuming resources as if future generations do not exist. You can contact our customer relations team to meet with the assurance of Alper Logistics and to get information about our services.