Get to Know Logistics

Established in Istanbul in 2015, Alper Logistics is an innovative company that provides international refrigerated transportation services. Its dynamic and expert staff consists of 75 people. Alper Logistics, whose fleet size consists of 50 self-owned vehicles, maintains a full service policy with its increased vehicles and equipment. It offers permanent, safe and innovative logistics solutions with fresh fruit, vegetables, frozen food, cut flowers, meat, fish and citrus product groups. The firm proves that it cares about your needs by improving existing services with its perspective. It also becomes a business partner of companies from European and CIS countries. It provides transportation to 2 main lines, namely Belarus and Russia, Ireland and England. It also works with countries like Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.

Our Vision
Our Mission

It tries to be a reliable, strong and respected company in the logistics sector that changes and develops every day. It determines customer requirements with its expert staff in its field. It achieves its goals in the light of its experiences and offers effective and determined solutions. Thanks to its strong knowledge, it brings technological solutions for the transportation and storage of sensitive products. It reflects its modern and innovative perspective at every stage. In the future, it makes a difference by predicting and designing industry innovations.

Our Values

Alper Logistics aims to provide the highest efficiency by keeping customer satisfaction and loyalty at a professional level. It shows its reliability by informing its customers about the sector and respecting ethical values. Provides consultancy services to its customers on fleet management. It is sensitive to the innovations in the world and supports learning and development by applying it. Alper Logistics, which offers its employees an environment for self-development, provides social communication. It helps them respect each other and increases social sharing. It reflects team spirit by overcoming problems together and sharing successes. It ensures that its team does not shy away from taking responsibility by asking them to push the limits of their knowledge and skills. At every stage, it considers the expectations of the society and is sensitive to protecting the environment. It develops cooperation and ensures the continuity of its services. It always aims to move the institution further by making use of technological innovations. Alper Logistics, whose philosophy is to create a principled and transparent structure, also proves that it is an institution that likes to share with its participants.