What is Road Transportation?
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Transportation that provides a non-stop option between the starting and destination points and is relatively faster compared to other transportation modes is called road transportation. It is known as the most preferred type of transportation in the logistics industry, especially for short-distance transportation. The biggest reason for the preference of this type of transportation is its economic nature. Logistics companies must have some documents in order to provide this type of transportation. Alper Logistics provides professional transportation services in the field with its service-oriented approach in our country.

Road transportation enables the transportation of a specified load from the starting point to the destination point without any transfer, economically and safely. The advantage of road transportation makes it more preferred compared to other transportation modes.

10 Reasons to Choose Road Transportation

  • The high demand and supply within the road transportation sector,

  • The abundance of routes on the road and the existence of different alternative ways to reach the destination,

  • The existence of many terminals on the determined route where the transporters will stop by,

  • The strong vehicle fleets of logistic companies that comply with European standards,

  • The qualified personnel trained by the logistics companies,

  • The validity of the rules created for this type of transportation,

  • The possibility of tracking vehicles by satellite using advanced technology,

  • The feature of door-to-door delivery,

  • The increasing number of companies operating in the logistics sector, and the different service approaches provided by the competition,

  • The opportunity to have faster and more frequent trips with road transportation are all sufficient reasons for preferring it.

What Documents Are Required to Carry Out Road Transportation?

● Road Transport Document: This is a necessary document for transportation using trucks, lorries, etc. It is a contract that determines the obligations between the carrier, sender, and receiver. This document, of which there are three copies, must be present with the carrier, sender, and receiver. It ensures the protection of the product in case of any problems that may arise during transportation. It is mandatory to have it.

● CMR Waybill: The loaded and unloaded weight of the truck used for transportation must be written in this document. Information about the logistics company to which the truck is affiliated must also be included. The truck's license plate number must also be written. Vehicles without a CMR waybill are not allowed to leave customs with a load.

● IFFFA Delivery Orders: This is a document specially prepared for road transportation. It emerged from the need to standardize international transportation documents. These documents, prepared by FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), are only given to their members.

  • Parcel Post Receipt: It is a document that must be prepared when an international shipment is sent by post.

  • Carrier Receipt: It is one of the road transportation documents and is prepared by the logistics company that transports the load. It shows that they received the goods from exporters to send them. 

To learn more detailed information about road transportation, you can contact the customer service team of Alper Logistics, which provides services with its private fleet.