What Should Be Considered in Perishable Product Transportation?
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Perishable product transportation is preferred to transport sensitive and fresh products. It is the type of transportation in which suitable conditions are provided for the transported products. Cut flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen foods and medical materials are the products that are subject to perishable product transportation. Environmental conditions should be considered during the transportation of these products. In order for the products not to deteriorate, each one needs to be transported in accordance with its own temperature and humidity conditions. Our company provides service with our vehicles and expert staff, where conditions suitable for perishable cargo are meticulously provided with the support of technology.

What are the Requirements for Perishable Product Transportation?

In the transportation of perishable products, the first priority is to pay attention to the temperature and humidity rates in which the products are transported. So, what are the other important conditions required in perishable product transportation?

● In order for the products to continue on the road without experiencing irreversible damage and without deteriorating their freshness, all the conditions they need in the vehicle must be met.

● Thanks to the appropriate cooling systems in the vehicles, the temperature and humidity values of the products are kept within the desired limits.

● The temperature and humidity parameters of the transport chamber of the vehicles are continuously monitored throughout the journey. Necessary measures are also taken against temperature changes in the transport chamber.

● By determining the type of product to be transported, possible damages during transport are prevented. Especially by transporting according to the product type, the usage feature of the products is preserved.

Which Products Are Transported in Perishable Product Transportation?

Perishable product transportation cannot be limited in any way. All products such as frozen fish, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, fresh fish, eggs, frozen meat and meat products, live flowers, fresh meat and meat products, medicines and similar medical goods and fresh fish are considered within the scope of perishable food transportation.

It is also very important that the employees in charge of the transportation of perishable products have the necessary experience and experience. These personnel should receive the necessary training and perishable product transportation should be carried out by expert personnel. The trainings received by our employees are repeated at regular intervals to ensure that they are equipped with up-to-date information about the product and transportation processes. Our expert personnel, who have received these trainings, deliver their products to the desired place on time and safely without any problems.

Perishable products that we can safely transport to many parts of the world while preserving their freshness are transported in accordance with the appropriate temperature and humidity ratio of our vehicles. For detailed information on perishable product transportation, you can get support by calling Alper Logistics customer service.