What Symbols and Signs are Used in Loading for Road Transportation?
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In road transportation, to facilitate the transportation of products and bring standardization, symbols that indicate the nature of the product to be used on the product's packaging were organized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This organization, published as ISO 780, has been revised to comply with changing needs and has taken its final form as ISO 7000.

The symbols used in packaging provide information about the product being transported. It indicates storage conditions, preservation conditions, how loading will be done, and the rules to be followed during the unloading process.

The use of symbols and signs indicating the product nature on the packaging is mandatory in road transportation.

The main signs used in packaging are:

● Fragile sign

● Protect from Moisture sign

● Temperature Limit sign

● This Way sign.

Meanings of Symbols and Signs Used in Road Transportation

Fragile Sign: It is used to label products that can easily break during transportation, such as glass products, sensitive electronic devices, medical devices, and porcelain products. All products may be damaged during transportation, but packaging should be preferred in a way that these fragile product groups can be protected when they fall from a height of 75 cm due to their structure. This sign indicates that methods that will not cause impact and vibration should be preferred during loading and unloading.

The fragile sign should be affixed to the packaging in a way that can be easily seen on at least two sides.

Keep Away from Moisture Sign: It is used to label products that may be damaged by contact with moisture and water. At every stage of the transportation process, loading, transportation, and unloading methods should be aimed at protecting from water and moisture. The sign is a light umbrella shape printed in black on a black background.

Temperature Limit Sign: Temperature limits are especially important in the transportation of food products. The products should be transported within the temperature range determined to maintain their freshness. The temperature limit sign is used for products that have been marked, and they are transported with vehicles that have a cooling system. The temperature range values ​​specified on the product packaging are transported by adjusting the cooling system of the transport vehicle. The sign is designed as a short line that crosses a thermometer diagonally, with two short perpendicular lines at the top and bottom ends. The bottom short line indicates the minimum and the top short line indicates the maximum temperature.

This Way Sign: It is used in situations where the directions of the products are important during transportation. The sign consists of two parallel black arrow shapes. The pointed part of the arrow shows the upper part of the packaging. Storage and transportation should be done with the arrow pointing upwards. It should be affixed to at least two sides of the packaging in a way that can be easily seen.

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