What is a Road Transport Agreement?
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Contracts of carriage are contracts made between parties within the framework of Incoterms rules. Within the scope of these contracts, logistics companies undertake to transport a product from one place to another for a fee. Carriage contracts are named according to the types of carriage. One of them is known as road transport contract.

Truck Bill of Lading or CMR is referred to as a road transport contract. The road transport contract covers the transportation of goods. This contract is not subject to any form. Even if this contract is not made, the contract is deemed to have been made with the delivery of the transported goods to the carrier.

In the road transport contract, the carrier has to carry the cargo from the loading place to the destination. At the same time, the sender has an obligation to deliver the cargo. According to the contract, the carrier must protect the goods it carries for the duration of its control. He has to ensure that the product he carries is not damaged. The logistics company, which is the carrier, must carry out the transportation process within a certain period of time. The parties to the content of the road transport contract may specify the delivery time.

Who are the Parties to the Road Transport Agreement?

● Sender: The person who creates the contract of carriage opposite the carrier. He makes the contract on his own behalf. This person does not need to be the owner of the property.

● Carrier: A person who has a profession in transportation. It undertakes the transport work for a fee.

What is the Scope of the Road Transport Agreement?

● Information on the Product to be Transported: The product to be transported must have identification marks. In order to recognize the product at the destination, the buyer may request that the brand or number identifying the product be placed on the product. In this way, they can find the product more easily. Giving information about the number of products is the most important part of the contract. Indicates how many items the sender has delivered for transport to the carrier. The full name and short description of the product to be transported must be included in the contract. Finally, the weight and volume of the product must be written in the road transport contract.

● Type of Transport and Name of Vehicle: It is obligatory to write the transport type of the product in the contract. In addition, the type of vehicle making the transport, the license plate number, etc. should also be written.

● Place of Origin, Destination and Transfer of the Product: The place where the sender delivered the product to the carrier should be written. If the transfer will be made at the time of transportation, the name of the transfer location must be written. The place where the product will be delivered to the consignee by the carrier must also be included in the contract.

● Road Transport Contract Date and Number: The date of the contract of carriage, the number of the contract and the date of issuance of the transport document should be written in the contract.

● Copies of the Transport Contract: Necessary copies should be reproduced according to the mode of transport.

● Handling Fee

● Responsibilities of the Carrier

● Transport Insurances

● Transport Time

● Carrier Vehicle Capacity

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