What is a Reefer Vehicle? What are the Technical Specifications?
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Reefer vehicles are vehicles used to transport products such as food, medicine, some chemicals, etc., in accordance with the cold chain transportation rules. In order for the food to be presented to the consumer in a healthy and unspoiled way, it must be transported by these vehicles. In order for the food to reach the consumer in a healthy way, it is necessary to have a certain humidity and temperature value. The most basic task of these vehicles is to ensure that products such as food, medicine, etc. reach customers in a healthy way.

It is very important to transport products such as frozen food, medicine, fresh vegetables and fruits, live flowers over long distances without spoiling. The refrigerated vehicle ensures the healthy and fresh transportation of the substances in the cold chain, especially in the city. These vehicles prevent the products they carry from being affected by external environmental conditions. It carries out the transportation process by keeping the temperature and humidity values within the specified range. There are special refrigerated vehicle structures according to the type, quantity, transportation time and temperature of the product to be transported.

What are Reefer Vehicle Technical Specifications?

● It is designed in such a way that repair and service services can be done on-site and quickly.

● Flexible steel and copper pipes are used in a significant part of the cooling circuit.

● It has standard cooling equipment. In this way, it can be used in all types of vehicles special for container transportation.

● Reefer vehicle cooling system is mounted on rubber chocks that prevent vibration and damage.

● The panels used in their cases are resistant to 0 and -18 degrees Celsius. The thickness of the side panels of the vehicles is between 60 mm and 80 mm. The thickness of the ceiling panels has the same dimensions. The thickness of the front wall panel is between 80 mm and 100 mm. The thickness of the base panel is between 100 mm and 120 mm. The panel thicknesses used in the rear doors are known as 80 mm.

● The outer surface is three layers of 450 fiber and contra-reinforced FRP coating.

● The inner surface is coated with two layers of 450 fiber FRP.

● It has a stainless door frame. Door handles and hinges are chrome plated.

● Specially shaped rubber or rubber sealing gaskets are used to prevent thermal bridges formed by air leakage in the case, door, piping and device assembly where the cooling process is performed.

What is Reefer Vehicle Transportation?

It is the transportation made by equipped vehicles with coolers that can be adjusted from 18 to -26 degrees. This transportation; It is also expressed with concepts such as refrigerated transportation, cold food transportation, cold transportation, cold chain transportation, etc. By ensuring the temperature balance of the vehicles during transportation, compromising on product quality and freshness is prevented.

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