What are Logistics Services in Transportation?
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The process that covers the delivery of a product to the desired place at the desired time is called logistics services in transportation. The concept of logistics services is often confused with the concept of shipping. However, the title of logistics services in transportation is considered as a broad umbrella. It has more meaning than the delivery of a product from one place to the desired place.

Logistics Services in Transportation

Logistics services in transportation consist of a broad perspective. It is a concept that includes much more than the shipping process. So what are these services?

● Customer Service: The purpose of this thread is to get everything right the first time. The perspective of the logistics company towards the customer is very important. All transactions, behaviors, etc., made during the period from the receipt of the order to the delivery of the order from the customer, take place in the customer as a part of the service. In order to be successful in customer service, the needs of the customers must be well understood. It should be answered in accordance with their expectations. The transaction requested by the customer must be performed correctly. The service that the customer wants from the company is the embodiment.

● Transport: It is the only function of a logistics company that is a visibility element in its activities. Transport is a title that includes the movement of products and their short-term storage.

● Inventory Management: It is related to the logistics company's supply chain. Inventory management covers which products the logistics company will take into inventory, when the products will be ordered and how much the order quantity should be.

Handling: It is the transportation of the products to the warehouse and stacking them from the warehouse and transporting them to the transportation vehicle. Changing the containers, separating into small containers, airing, renewing the containers and handling are part of the works during the customs surveillance without changing the quality of the goods. Packaging: It is the activity that prevents the physical condition and product properties from being affected during the transportation of the products.

Shipping: It is the process of moving products from one place to another. It is to ensure the flow of goods. It is the transportation of the customer's products from one place to the desired place.

What can be done to increase the efficiency of logistic services in transportation?

The competitiveness of logistics companies is directly proportional to the efficiency of production and trade operations. Production and trade systems must be supported by strong logistics companies to ensure their effectiveness. Thus, in order to increase the efficiency of logistics services, the following actions are necessary:

  • Reducing logistics costs

  • Developing trade

  • Supporting the private sector

What are the types of logistic services in transportation?

  • Production logistics

  • Distribution logistics

  • Supply logistics

  • Reverse logistics

What are the logistic services in sectoral transportation?

  • Chemical logistics

  • Automotive logistics

  • Technology logistics

  • Construction and decoration logistics

  • Textile and footwear logistics

  • Can be listed as FMCG.

The subject of logistic services in transportation covers much more than just transportation. Logistics services, which have a wide perspective from customer satisfaction to packaging, also provide sector-based services. For more detailed information about international transportation services, you can contact Alper Logistics customer service team.