Vehicles Used in Road Transportation
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Road transportation is the most commonly used type of transportation for both passenger and freight transport. Companies engaged in export and import activities prefer to use the road for transportation. This is because road transport is one of the most practical and fastest transport options.

Four types of vehicles are used in road transportation: truck, van, trailer, and container. The main differences that distinguish road transportation vehicles from each other are due to characteristics such as weight, size, and type of driver's license used.

What are the Vehicles Used in Road Transportation?

The descriptions of the vehicles used in road transportation can be made as follows:

● Truck: A motorized vehicle with a maximum weight of over 3,500 kg, mostly used for cargo transportation. It is also known as a truck that carries goods because it operates on the same principle as cars. Long trucks with a trailer plate, which are used in international transportation, are called "semi-trucks." The difference between semi-trucks and trucks is that the truck bed is fixed, and the trailer of the semi-truck can be detached when needed.

● Van: A vehicle that is often confused with trucks. Trucks are used for carrying heavy loads, but vans are used for carrying lighter loads within the city. The maximum weight of a van when fully loaded cannot exceed 3,500 kg, which distinguishes it from trucks.

● Trailer: Vehicles commonly used for transporting heavy loads (and dangerous materials). Trailers, also known as "semi-trailers," are often used in transportation and are associated with the American brand "Dorsey Trailers." However, the term "trailer" is also used in official literature to refer to a "semi-trailer."

● Container: Defined in TDK dictionaries as "a large box made in accordance with ISO standards for transporting various goods." Containers enable large quantities and sizes of products to be transported without damage and without requiring human labor.

The Characteristics of Road Transport

Road transport has distinctive features that set it apart from other transportation options. Due to these characteristics, road transport is considered the most preferred type of transportation. Although air and sea transport are heavily used, it is possible to say that vehicle use is the most prominent in road transportation.