Transportation Services between Germany and Turkey
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Transportation Services between Germany and Turkey

Germany is one of the countries where Alper Logistics operates, which has the largest economy in Europe. The company provides successful transportation services between Germany and Turkey in the field of refrigerated transportation with its experienced team. Due to the fact that Germany is the country with the largest Turkish population in Europe, there is a continuous transfer of goods from Germany to Turkey or from Turkey to Germany. Alper Logistics generally provides Germany-Turkey refrigerated transportation services through the option of land transportation. Our company plans, organizes, and implements the transportation process from Germany to Turkey according to the type of goods and the needs of our customers. All stages of the transportation process are planned, executed, and carefully monitored by Alper Logistics' experienced team.

Experienced Company Alper Logistics in Germany-Turkey Refrigerated Transportation Services

Food products make up a large portion of the goods transported in refrigerated transportation services between Germany and Turkey. In recent years, products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, fish, and frozen foods, have begun to be exported from Turkey to Germany. Alper Logistics uses its own extra-equipped vehicles with high models in Germany-Turkey refrigerated transportation services. The Alper Logistics vehicle fleet has advanced technologies and cooling systems. The interior design of the vehicles is specially designed to transport different product groups. The cooling systems of the vehicles maintain the same temperature at every point along the way. In this way, your transported products can be delivered to the destination without any damage, spoilage, melting, etc.

How does Alper Logistics carry out transportation services between Germany and Turkey?

Alper Logistics provides service with its extra-equipped refrigerated trailer vehicle fleet during refrigerated transportation services between the two countries. Alper Logistics offers cold chain transportation services for any product you want within the tonnage limit allowed by Germany for refrigerated transportation. Our company generally prefers land transportation for Germany-Turkey transportation services. The road route to be used for transportation between Germany and Turkey can affect many details for the timely delivery of products. Therefore, Alper Logistics always tries to make the best choices for road route selection to provide flawless service. If you want to work with Alper Logistics, which has an important place in the logistics sector it has stepped into with refrigerated transportation, you can contact our customer representatives.