Pharmaceutical Transportation
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Pharmaceutical Transportation

Pharmaceutical transportation follows certain procedures in line with the standards applied in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. The characteristics of the vehicles and materials used, necessary safety precautions, and different transportation conditions play a decisive role in the process carried out by Alper Logistics. Generally, the materials transported by sea to the target country are the main players in pharmaceutical transportation. This detailed process is also known as medical transportation.

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Transportation

Drugs used in the treatment of many diseases worldwide are transported by sea due to the transportation of more products in a single shipment. Comprehensive and large transport ships ensure the safe transportation of drugs. The reason for using this method is also the low transportation costs. Serum, cancer drugs, and injection drugs that are easily spoiled are also transported using road transportation. All kinds of medical products, devices, or machines are also transported from one country to another. The products must be transported, protected from the sun at certain temperatures.

The Difference of Alper Logistics in Pharmaceutical Transportation

Alper Logistics meets the needs of the industry and customers by providing appropriate solutions for pharmaceutical transportation. It is carried out in compliance with international regulations and practices. The protection of the chemical and structural components in drugs carried in compliance with GPD standards is aimed. Alper Logistics supports its customers to reach their medication uninterruptedly in intercity and international traffic. With its experienced staff, it optimizes the existing program and provides flexible logistics solutions suitable for customer demands. Drugs are transported in containers and cargo ships suitable for them to protect them. The cooling conditions that drugs need to avoid being spoiled must be provided. Stable and safe temperature control is provided by the refrigeration unit. Alper Logistics, using refrigerated transport vehicles, delivers drugs and medical devices to the target point with fast and cost-oriented logistics methods. They are kept healthy in these vehicles that have adjustable temperature properties. They are delivered in compliance with air and vehicle interior conditions. Refrigerated vehicles that provide special conditions offer an appropriate price and a secure system. Alper Logistics carries out pharmaceutical transportation under safe conditions and delivers the transported materials while protecting them. By meeting the Alper Logistics guarantee, you can contact the customer relations team to get information about the services provided.